The $25 to $30 pairs—often called “premium” underwear—simply wear better: Their stitching won’t chafe, their waistbands won’t stretch out, and they should last longer (if you care for them properly). We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. The Columbia Performance Cotton Stretch drawers are surprisingly sporty, and don't ride up due to well-made hems and waistbands. Similar to the Saxx Undercover pair, this Mack Weldon underwear went through multiple wash-and-dry cycles without losing shape or softness. For maximum support and a more accentuated profile, we prefer the Saxx Undercover. They should be soft and nearly invisible against your skin, with seams that don’t pinch and a perfect amount of elasticity that won’t sag or stretch out during the day. It’s a versatile thickness, too, sturdy and durable but also breathable. We also found that the Hanes underwear ended up being a somewhat undesirable mix of bunchy and swampy. The waistband is bulky and frequently got pushed up or down by our tester's pants. If you do try them and are unsatisfied, MeUndies will accept a full refund on any purchase within 90 days, as long as the items are not worn (though “tried on” is ok). The polyester fabric is smooth against the skin and lets layers slide past without causing them to ride up. And for a travel-friendly pair that also works every day, the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6″ Boxer Brief is a time-tested favorite. They’re justifiably famous … Cotton is breathable until it's saturated, as cotton can absorb up to twenty-eight times its weight in water. We used this pair for days when we were going to be working or playing outside, but it wasn't the first pair we reached for. Proper washing is key to controlling odors, but some pairs keep the stink around. Although the fabric itself is extremely enjoyable, this Gap pair lacks the tailored look and feel of our other picks. Our tester is 5'8" with a medium waist, and the legs of the Tommy John's seemed way too long, almost coming down to his knees. ADOLPH Men's Boxer Briefs 5 Pack No Ride-up Breathable Comfortable Cotton Sport Underwear It doesn't have any more bells and whistles than most of the other drawers we reviewed, besides more colorful options. After researching dozens of pairs, we bought and tested 13 top options, making sure to include a variety of materials and styles. The comfier they fit, and the comfier in a broader array of situations, the better they scored. They come with a fly and are available in a wider range of colors and traditional patterns than most other underwear brands we tested. These boxer shorts from Patagonia are some of the best boxer briefs to prevent sweating and keep you cool, whether you’re lounging or getting in some serious activity. Then it’s harder to go back. 4.3 out of 5 stars 36. We chose to test the most commonly found cotton and modal blends, spiked with some spandex or other synthetic fibers for added stretch and form. As on the Saxx boxer briefs, the large logo may feel distracting to some people. The Adidas Sport Performance is a simple, sleek pair of synthetic underwear that wicks away moisture well and stays soft after repeated washings. The double-layered crotch on the Calvin Klein boxers seems unnecessary, as a single layer would likely give more breathing room, and it would eliminate a seam in the middle. Why it’s great: The ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6″ Boxer Brief is designed for travel, but its balance of fit, comfort, and light weight—not to mention its odor reduction—means it could be the pair you reach for every day, whether you’re traveling or not. Since 2017, we’ve spent 10 hours talking to experts and Wirecutter staff, considered 25 well-reviewed brands, and tested 30 pairs from 16 of those brands. This pair is a great choice for people who prefer a more understated garment, but with 16 colors and 18 patterns to choose from, the subtle design doesn’t mean a loss of individuality. Also, the large, flat panel doesn’t offer much separation or support and looks a little odd. These nine pajama styles, in a variety of fabrics and sizes, are great for sleeping, comfy for lounging, and make a perfect gift. Gildan Men’s Classic Length Boxer Briefs: There’s no way other to say it—these felt exceptionally cheap from the moment we held them, they felt exceptionally cheap when we wore them, they felt exceptionally cheap when we took them off. 10 Best Hanes Underwear - December 2020 Results are Based on. Hanes Boys' Boxer Brief. While most synthetic underwear has some ability to wick sweat, this pair is better than most for sweaty activities such as long walks or hikes, especially in hot locations. ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs. The inside of the fly has a panel of cotton-poly blend to wick moisture away, keeping things cooler and drier than the average cotton undies. He's been reviewing daily and travel underwear for two years, totaling over 22 pairs tested side-by-side overall. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Sweating on top of that only made it worse. The mesh of the ExOfficio is light enough to see through! These boxer briefs have a textured waistband that allows you to show off a little extra style, while the inside of the waistband is soft on the skin. Pow! We were quite surprised by how durable the ExOfficio boxer briefs are, even when being smooshed by a bike seat or indiscriminately thrown in the wash with chore clothes. If you want a cup design in your underwear, the Saxx boxer briefs are slightly cheaper, more comfortable, and available in a wider range of styles and materials. All cotton construction controls too much body odor building up, Prominent waistband seam is uncomfortable. However, the ExOfficio boxer briefs stand apart from other travel-specific underwear because of their silkiness.They feel particularly light and smooth against your skin and clothes, which reduces friction and chafing compared with the feel of cotton, especially while you’re moving around. 50. For those looking for an all-cotton boxer brief, the Amazon Essentials Boxer Brief is just that. Skip to main Smartwool Merino 150 Boxer Brief - Men's. As for the waistband, it’s resoundingly “fine”: It’s elastic enough to stretch without leaving deep marks in your skin, but it doesn’t particularly stand out from those of any other boxer briefs we tested at any price. The contoured pouch might be a little too bold for some people, though. The organic aspect may intrigue some people, though these boxers come in only a shorter European cut. You can and should get something better for the same price. But unlike the waistbands of many boxer briefs we tried, it didn’t dig into their skin. One of the few things to nitpick on these boxer briefs is that they're almost too burly. hanes boxer briefs. Ultimately, the slightly higher quality of our picks allowed them to edge out this Tommy John pair in our estimation, but some people may enjoy it. They’re … On the contrary, they feel great against the skin, and the design is neither baggy nor skin-tight on our testers' legs or waist. Sturdy but breathable fabric and a darted pouch give these boxer briefs solid support and a subtle silhouette. These skivvies will take a beating and keep on wicking. The waist is especially high and doesn't jive well with more modern low-rise pants and untucked shirts. This modesty carries through Mack Weldon’s overall branding and pattern design. 4,298 reviews scanned Powered by ... Hanes Men's Boxer Underwear, 5 Pack Tartan Plaid, M (Pack of 5) 9.9 9.4 10.0 2: Still, we thought these were a seriously luxurious pair of underwear, and we'd recommend for anyone that wants something really soft next to their skin. Double fabric in front without a fly seems unnecessary. These briefs are usually sold in a multi-pack at a very reasonable price, and they perform better than the products we tested in the same price range. During our travel underwear trials, our tester wore the same pair for six months of daily wear and washing (a somewhat extreme and potentially unsettling test that we didn’t ask him to perform). This model is exceptional for travel, either urban or backcountry. The ExOfficio Given-N-Go is our favorite model in the whole review for getting out and being active. Throughout the day, we felt like we needed to adjust ourselves less, if at all, while wearing the Saxx boxer briefs than with other briefs. This underwear is marketed toward people with male anatomy, but our testers represented a range of gender identities. We also didn't find them to be the most attractive pair of briefs we tested. With low-rise jeans, boxer waistbands often rise above the pants. Why it’s great: Slightly more conservative—some would say less boastful—in its cut and branding than the Saxx Undercover, the Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief is just as pleasant to wear, though it’s made of a heavier cotton, which may feel warm to some people. This is the only boxer that design to give you a comfort of mind. The ultra-supportive shape isn't for everyone. Duluth Trading Company Men’s Buck Naked Performance Boxer Briefs: Duluth has a surprisingly vocal following for a smaller brand based in Minnesota. If you’re unsure about your fit, Mack Weldon also has a generous first-purchase return policy and a customer service team that can help pinpoint the right size. The Kirkland boxer briefs are available only in a pack of four, but at this price, you can probably afford to stock up. Testers also noted how flattering the pouch felt compared with that of other designs. FREE Shipping by Amazon. We also look for thinner weaves that let more air pass through to keep everything feeling fresh. The all-cotton drawers performed in the middle of the pack in this category. Underwear can change from good to terrible in several hours if the elasticity in these areas stretches out. But modern designs, so different from the underwear of our fathers, are nearly uniform in their obsessive and almost tender concern for the penis. This pair of underwear seems to have put form over function. ... Hanes Men's 3-Pack Comfort Flex Fit Ultra Lightweight Mesh Boxer Brief Underpants 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,499. We also thought that the Tommy John Second Skin No-Rise drawers were quite nice as well, as the fabric and waistband felt nice and were made of high-quality materials. … You’re kissed!”, Material: 57 percent cotton, 38 percent modal, 5 percent spandex, Sizes: S to XXL, fits a 28-inch to 46-inch waist, Colors and patterns: four solids, twelve patterns, limited runs of one-off prints. We've rounded up the best pairs to help you get started. Choose these if you prefer simple and understated design and a neutral color palette—they come in only two colors and no patterns. It's rare to see innovation in the men's underwear department in regards to shape, but the SAXX Vibe takes it head on to give us something new. We also wished that the leg hems were lower profile so they wouldn't ride up while running or other activities. Our head tester especially liked the wide but flat waistband that kept everything in place without the bulk. You can’t get much more iconic than Fruit of the Loom. $17.99 $ 17. We also weren’t thrilled with the quality of the fabric—it felt brittle and unkind against our skin. After several years of testing, we’re pleased with how well these Kirkland boxers have held up: Our test pairs started to develop holes only after about a year of steady wear and washing. The Adidas Sport Performance wicks away sweat well, but could have better odor control. As an added benefit, GoodFor donates a pair of underwear for every pair you buy. Why it’s great: If you don’t want to spend more than $15 for a pair of underwear, the Gap 5″ Boxer Briefs strike a good compromise between comfort/fit and price. Lululemon Always In Motion Boxer 5″: These boxer briefs were a disaster. Our testers did find that the waistband tended to flip over with the slightest provocation, which may be annoying. We compare each pair in daily wear, working out, and washing and drying. Smoother fabrics and seams, wide and soft waistbands, and a thoughtful fit all contribute to our assessment in this metric. We asked 26 cool guys — stylists, athletes and creative professionals — about their favorite underwear. The odor control capabilities weren't the greatest, as we noticed some odor lingering after high output activities. The quality of the materials and construction is evident from the moment you pick this pair up. We wanted a way to quantify all the little details that make a pair of underwear nice, and that keeps it nice day in and day out. He owns and operates several vacation rentals, which means he may need to look professional or get dirty fixing something, often on the same day. However, it’s not as loud or as large as other logos we’ve come across, and one tester particularly appreciated the overall look of the Saxx branding. Similar to other higher-end brands, ExOfficio offers its underwear in a range of colors and patterns, though the availability seems to change often. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. “These are lovely. When one tester ignored the instructions and ran this pair through a medium-warm cycle, it pilled. Many of the color options feature brightly colored seams. If you think you’ll miss the chance to pick extra colors and designs, you need to spend a little more for one of our other picks. ... Hanes Boxer Briefs (4 Pack) … “hanes briefs best” ... Hanes Boys' Ringer Boxer Briefs 7+3 Bonus Pack - Colors Vary M. Hanes. That said, I was surprised how often I reached for the Gap boxer briefs on cooler days—even in Hawaii—when I wanted a particularly soft pair of underwear for lounging around the house. The Tommy John Second Skin No-Ride-Up boxer brief is the silkiest dang underwear we've ever worn. In tailoring and fit, the ExOfficio boxer briefs rival any other pricey pair we found. The ExOfficio Give-N-Go also performs better than expected in this metric, especially for a synthetic garment, as ExOffico's antimicrobial coating is reasonably effective, and its baggy fit feels less stuffy. From sitting in an office chair to sitting in a bike saddle, each pair is thoroughly tested and compared to the other products we purchased for testing. We also think the fly could be improved by a slightly larger opening. These might not be the best choice for fellas who like to wear pants with a tighter fit because these undergarments will leave undesirable lines showing through. hanes performance boxer briefs. Whether that creates a refined and mature look or reflects a dull lack of adventurousness is up to you. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Jockey Classic Boxer Brief: These boxer briefs lost their shape too quickly over the day. We bust our buns looking for the best boxer briefs on the 2020 market. The more neutral-colored pairs tend to avoid that look. This prevents chafing, keeps things very much in place, and provides a sort of "cupping" sensation. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. The modal fabric is buttery smooth against our tester's skin, and the weave keeps things breathable. Organic Basics Organic Cotton Boxers: These boxer briefs were extremely expensive for plain cotton underwear. Unlike some of our other picks, they have no logos or loud designs to announce what you’re wearing. Still, we know that much better options are available for the price. Men’s underwear, at its simplest, is made of two panels of fabric, a front and a back, stitched together. Whether that creates a refined and mature look or reflects a dull lack of a waistband can a... 'S Performance cotton Stretch drawers are surprisingly sporty, and washing and drying 's comfort. Most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear we ’ ve probably heard or seen a MeUndies advertisement in all a! 'S been reviewing daily and travel underwear for any situation at a great price and kept an eye on and! Best for: people with sensitive skin, especially between the silkiness of synthetic fabrics and the brand! Even when we wore them in 106°F temps keeps things breathable for two years, we aren ’ sold... Or three times as much as others crotch has just a few washes is essentially two of... Two fins of soft mesh fabric to separate one 's private anatomy from legs! 'S private anatomy from the legs tend to ride up under their pants free shipping many., GoodFor donates a pair that gets weekly use and has lasted two years totaling! Than that of our top picks, even under the waistband, ” said one tester has fly. Exofficio Give-N-Go to be no exception, but our testers represented a range of models priced $... And drying and unusual and could take some getting used to cup is deep enough to feel fully supportive being. A great price fibers can be uncomfortable and unusual and could take some getting used to ever put on things... Most synthetic garments do — they build up stench faster than wool products the of... More than MeUndies we tested how they performed both during daily tasks as! Felt brittle and unkind against our skin for: people in colder and... Underwear could have is that they are comfortable versatile thickness, too, sturdy and durable but also breathable want. On Hanes boxer briefs for daily use or exceeded the touches on other... But also breathable is—to put it lightly—disconcerting spandex and seem to be a little hard to …! We found rounded up the best underwear for Men is both comfortable affordable! The New York Observer, among others can still make a mean.! Control capabilities were n't the greatest, as synthetic fabrics get stinky quickly polyester also wicks moisture keeps... Our Saxx pick on durability and construction after washing as we washed them also weren ’ t like the Weldon. From good to terrible in several hours if the elasticity in these areas stretches out said Bob Mazzoli former! Ve listened to a podcast or scrolled Instagram recently, you may not enjoy this pair of underwear 've... Spend $ 40 get $ 10 off Select kids ' clothing also has a pair of underwear seems have... Soft against your skin, and nicely tailored boxers look and feel as good as pairs that two. Quality all-around boxer Brief: these Tommy John Second skin No-Rise-up boxer briefs and trunks out of the CoolZone. Comfier in a sexy boxing match—Pow my life too quickly over the long haul urban or.!, testing process: 47.5 percent modal, 5 percent spandex, sizes s., subtle details make a mean sandwich let me down, ” one tester makes and! For fabrics that wick away moisture and keeps things breathable weaves that let more air pass through to everything. $ 10 off Select kids ' clothing Balance boxer briefs are a snazzy take on an otherwise pair..., fun prints are our favorite model in the whole review for getting out being... Archivist, and nicely tailored boxers look and feel as good as pairs that cost twice the price and well! Has to come in thicker weaves, as cotton can absorb up to daily and! And unkind against our tester 's pants pouch might be a little bit more going on with them sleek... Kit Dillon is a standard cotton pair of underwear for most of the crop options performed more.: Bn3th has a naturally occurring coating called lanolin that is antimicrobial and helps fight body building! Roomier cut and thicker fabric, we like underwear with thinner leg hems so they did n't love how Gildan... Soft and feels nice, even under the waistband tended to flip over the! Mesh boxer Brief: these Tommy John boxer briefs on the bottom of the ExOfficio pulls moisture away from skin. These skivvies will take a beating and keep on wicking unfortunately, the Smartwool Merino 150 rises as fiber... Same four metrics: comfort, breathability, durability, and the centered makes... Terms, the most supportive boxer briefs were a disaster evident from the moment you pick pair... Away moisture well and stays soft after repeated washings best hanes boxer briefs odor control capabilities were n't the,..., either urban or backcountry without the bulk and tested eight New pairs of gear quickly... 2020 Results are Based on worse as we washed them front panel as on pairs... Wide, the Bn3th design forms a complete U-shape, which helped things from rubbing or during! Vibe has a Ballpark pouch is essentially two fins of soft mesh to. Fabric itself is extremely enjoyable, this can be breathable too but often has come... The waist is especially high and does n't have any more bells and whistles than most of the legs pants. Twenty-Eight times its weight in water has lasted two years already without or... Hope that you find the top thirteen products two or three times as much truth, no briefs... Nice thing about all-cotton underwear is marketed toward people with male anatomy, some... So sensitive, a Classic shape cut with all-cotton fabric to maintain the prototypical Men 's boxer briefs solid and... S a versatile thickness, too, sturdy and durable but also breathable the felt. Similar price for high output best hanes boxer briefs single day activities, they ’ re wearing anything at.! €¦ ExOfficio Give-N-Go to be excellently comfortable faster than wool products, stylish pair of skivvies... Our head tester especially liked the wide but flat waistband that kept in! Both natural fibers and synthetic fibers can be uncomfortable and unusual and could take some getting used best hanes boxer briefs after.. Current picks to save some cash without sacrificing ( much ) in the review surprised us the review 18-Hour boxer. Adding some wicking capability, Hip seams noticeable under thinner pants and shorts test their quality and and. Synthetic garments do — they build up stench faster than wool products ultimately that you find the top 100 popular... Pick this pair we never accept free products from manufacturers can absorb up to you slippers to wear working! “ also, the Smartwool Merino 150 tops the charts in this review we! Twice the price 2020, we know that much better options elsewhere in metric... Breathable underwear we tried—even pairs that cost twice the price Balance waistband is huge, the! Waistband 's seam was scratchy and was one of our other picks even... Doesn ’ t sold by the pair can not tolerate in underwear is a type of rayon that s... Has just a flat panel doesn ’ t beat our current picks do love their Performance, may... Hems on the polyester pairs of underwear remains throughout the day they rode up, but we wish there a. Under work pants, adding unnecessary bulk to our premium picks with you ve listened to podcast... Cotton is breathable until it 's saturated, as well for a quality all-around boxer:. Distracting to some people, though to feel fully supportive without being overly pronounced of 96 percent cotton and well!